Referees! Who are they?

Referees in all sports are central to what occurs in any sporting contest. Decisions can be contested by players, match officials and none moreso than by spectators. The men and women who perform refereeing duties would seem to be a special breed of person who can shrug off criticism and often abuse and continue turning up for their next engagements.


At the All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery we have now established a new category "Champion Referees". This is to provide All Ireland Hall Of Fame recognition and appreciation on behalf of Irish sports fans to the numerous Irish referees, across many sports codes, who have dedictaed immense committment to the art of refereeing and very often for several decades at club and county levels all over Ireland.

We welcome nominations from clubs and fans all over Ireland.



Please Note!

This NEW category is one of several new categories set up in our Refurishment Programme for the All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery @ www.scoreboardmemories.com


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