Wednesday, 11 October 2017 15:07

Seán Flanagan - Mayo Football Legend

Captain In Successive Years When Mayo Won Sam Maguire Cup in 1950/51 Seán Flanagan's Record Up For Serious Attention When speaking of Mayo’s football icons it is not possible to stray too far outside the era of the early 1950’s when the county won the Sam Maguire Cup in the successive years of 1950 and 1951 and in the interim decades right up to 2017, Mayo are still making gallant efforts to bring Sam back to Mayo.   The heartaches…
Monday, 30 December 2013 23:52

Patrick Nally - Famous Mayo Nationalist

Patrick Nally - In Prison When Gaelic Athletic Association Was Founded The stadium stands at Croke Park commemorated a proud and famous trio of Irishmen, Michael Cusack of Co. Clare, Michael Hogan of Co. Tipperary and Pat Nally. Nally was born at Balla, Co. Mayo on March 17th (St, Patricks Day) 1855 and he was an avid sportsman. He was a celebrated athlete and a man who cared deeply about the preservation of traditional Irish cultures and pastimes. Cusack and…
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