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Derry J F Doody was established in 2005 by Derry JF Doody, as a non commercial – non profit Irish Heritage website specialising in Golden Memories of Irish sports legends and Famous Sons & Daughters of Ireland.

The website is designated to Irish sports fans; Irish exiles and people of Irish ancestry around the globe. From a tiny acorn is now browsed all over Ireland and around the globe by thousands of people interested in Irish sport folklore and famous Irish people.

At various times throughout the year, promoter and editor, Derry JF Doody, a native of Passage West, Co. Cork, may decide to produce and present a series of “Live” All Ireland Hall Of Fame Induction Shows to honour Irish legends of sport and music. is an E based project and is the Irish Home of All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery and is “Exclusively” an Online Gallery.

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Sunday, 17 September 2017 10:29

Kevin Jer O'Sullivan

One of Cork’s Greatest Footballers and an Inspiration to the Youth of Adrigole Generations of G.A.A. players were gifted with exceptional skills but on meeting many of the legends, your admiration can sway to and fro. Kevin Jer O’Sullivan of Cork 1970’s football fame is a former club, county and…
Tuesday, 18 July 2017 21:21

Linehans Of Cork: A Shandon Sweets Story

Under the Shadow Of Shandon Steeple In Cork You'll Find A Historic And Sweet Business Storyline On Cork City’s northside a business trading since its 1928 foundation is Shandon Sweets (formerly Exchange Toffee Works) at 37A, John Redmond Street, Cork, and the business is now a father and son team…
UPCOMING HISTORICAL CORK SOCCER PROJECT: Blackrock, Cork, has a huge soccer tradition dating back to the early 20th century when the Ford Motor Plant set up a huge car and tractor assembly manufacturing business on Cork's Centre Park Road, on the famed Marina, in Blackrock territory. Michael Casey, a well…
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