Club & County

Your Club; Your County; Your Pride and Joy

The club is where sports infants are taken by their parents and many of those infants rise up through the grades and ranks, to become national and international sports legends. The club is the cradle and the club is minded by willing volunteers who teach children the basics of:

  1.  Taking pride in your club
  2.  The basic skills of the game and
  3. To enjoy playing playing sport as a better and healthier way of life

All Star Interview

Radical rule changes, the current style of games played in several codes combined with further radical restructuring of various competitions, especially in provincial and national hurling and football, are major topics for all sports fans.

Thousands of fans bemoan the current state of gaelic football and to a lesser extent hurling also with the newly adopted sweeper systems.

We will seek the valued opinions of All Stars on the current well being of the sports code they played in times past. We’ll roam around many counties with News and Views on Times Past and seek interesting sports snippets for debate and banter.

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Club Focus

We’ll be keeping a close watch on matters of sport and the club scene around Ireland. Competition is the spice of life and clubs never had so many grades to manage with under age games now taking on a whole new meaning.

Emigration in numerous rural clubs all over Ireland has decimated playing numbers with many clubs now amalgamating just to survive in juvenile and minor ranks.

Keeping clubs in a healthy financial position is also a major responsibility and club volunteers are now more proactive in fundraising to offset the annual high costs associated with running the local club.

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County Focus

In gaelic games all 32 counties have their own roll of honour and certain counties lead the parade of titles won but in the true spirit of sport, participation is the key factor at all times.

Every year we have a champion All Ireland team and there can only be one winner.Great and legendary sportspeople are identified by their native county and they are always proud to announce their home county of birth.

For example Johnny Giles is a Dubliner, Roy Keane is a Corkonian, George Best was Belfast whilst the terrible twins, Seán Purcell and Frank Stockwell were Galwegians.

This is another new category. Watch this space grow month on month.

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