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Sliothar Makers of Hurling

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Sliothar Makers

of Hurling &

Camogie - Irish

Heritage Craft

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Without the SLIOTHAR.. hurlers cannot play hurling.

The craft of making sliothars is an inheritance from previous generations of Irsh people and has been recognised as a symbol of Irish Heritage for many decades. The sliothar of bygone eras had a much different feel and weight to the 21st century sliothars and hurlers/camogie players of times past, often lament the immense comparison between the sliothars of their playing days and current sliothars.

Shaping and making modern sliothars is now a manufacturing process, whereby the manufacturer who has played hurling or camogie, will undoubtedly have a greater understanding of the immense role of the sliothar in the art of hurling. The skills of hurling and camogie are unique. Players need a sliothar and a hurley to hone their skills and both are the basic ingredients for one of the fastest ball games in the world and immensely enjoyed by spectators who never tire of watching all players in action. Ireland is now setting up a new research project to meet up with a collection of sliothar makers, reveal the business stories behind their sports associated businesses and discover how these manufacturers decided to become sliothar makers.

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