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21st Century GAA Too Profesional Featured

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FINANCE! FINANCE! Not what the GAA FOUNDERS envisaged


for an amateur sport


Croke Park has drifted miles away from the pioneering ambitions of its founders in many facets. The English Premier League has become a template they're now following for several years, plus the annual cost of upholding Croke Park wages and salaries is taxing resources far too much. 

The upshot is inter county players pay the piper and their on field duties, excluding training times, is now a full on 12 months. Mildly stated the GAA are dealing with a time bomb. It can't and shouldn't be tolerated, it's plain and simple explotation of players they regard as "Amateurs". Admission prices have gone bananas.

OAP's admission prices are downright hostile, considering all the decades of loyalty. These are the men/women who harvested the GAA before the suits took over Croke Park. The payback authors have free passes and downright disregard for senior citizens. I am truly amazed the grandsons, who play in top grade inter county, do not come out and make a stance on behalf of their grandparents. Cork's inter county players man managed two strikes in recent years to achieve respect from their own board and Cork G.A.A. is still in a downward spiral from the knock on effects. It's 2005 since Liam came to the homeplace of his father, whilst it's 2010 since Dunmanway born Sam came home to West Cork.


These G.A.A. players,unlike the pop stars who also use GAA grounds to make millions, are also huge performers. A foreign holiday and shut up, just get on with it is the attitude of Croke Park. I say let's start a protest. The GPA are a lame duck and are not fit for purpose. They'e been eaten up by the suits and as a service, they're like the Labour Party, seen but not heard. 

I could write another thousand words of protest, but I won't. I'll just say Croke Park is in a blind alley and much too bold and arrogant for their boots. But Fianna Fáil and their Fine Gael colleagues, just found out with Election 20/20, they were not as bullet proof as they rated themselves. 

It has been been widely stated for decades that the GAA suits are really frustrated politicians. 100 % correct. 


Derry JF Doody





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