Tuesday, 07 April 2020 19:25


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All Ireland Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery 


Our Irish Covid 19 Daily Heroes....Thank You


I can’t give ye PPE’S, Medicenes or Meals on Wheels, but I can give ye due RECOGNITION and APPPRECIATION at All Ireland Hall Of Fame Irish Heritage website and via our Facebook page and other social media.

The daily work ye are dutifully performing is way above, what can or should be expected by Irish people all around the 32 counties. The associated risks for you, as you go about caring for thousands of Irish people are multiple and life threatening and when we switch on the news on TV or Radio, we see and hear, heart rendering tragic real life dramas almost 24 hours daily.

Heroic Committment: This Covid 19 Virus has made so many people (who believed they were bullet proof before this calamity came upon us) to re-think their ability to cope with the pressures of everyday life. Covid 19, unexpectedly descended from the clouds, we can’t see it; hear it or touch it, but it wreaks havoc on society all over Ireland and throughout the world.

Percy French; James Connolly; Joe Dolan; Christy Ring; Big Tom McBride; Jack Kyle; Séamus Heaney; Gay Byrne; and many more Famous Sons & Daughters Of Ireland, in our All Ireland Hall Of Fame Heritage Collection, are instantly recognisable Famous Irish names and they brought great pride and joy to Irish people around the globe.

Our Freedom & Liberty: We the ordinary People of Ireland don’t know the names of all the wonderful Irish staff engaged daily in the battle with Covid 19. However we do know you are just like the brave Irish men and women of Ireland, who through the centuries, fought for Irish liberty and freedom. Your own lives are at risk simply because you go out and do your job every day.

Inductees: On behalf of Irish people and ancestral Irish people worldwide, it is our great privilege to Induct all the thousands of Irish Healthcare workers from the consultants to the essential cleaning departments, into our All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery as


Your daily deeds are not taken for granted and we now salute and honour you with our token appreciation.