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SportsLife Pub Venues

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Ireland's SportsLife Pub Venues


New Sports Concept For Irish Pubs/Hotels

Ireland has many networks of retail groups such as SuperValu, Mace, Spar and Motor Dealer groups and several more national identity retailers, immediately recognisable to the public. Almost every Irish town and village has its own public house, but if you travel from Mizen Head in Cork to Malin Head in Donegal, you will not find a similar trade symbol attached to Irish pubs and hotels. Yes, the brewers have their own individual outdoor signs but unlike food retailers, every Irish pub is on its own own for marketing of their biusiness.

Sport is a universal commodity of interest, especially in Ireland and amongst patrons of Irish pubs. However not all Irish pubs are interested in promoting SPORT as an integral component of their business. Town and County pub patrons know precisely the locations of their favourite sports orientated pub venues and now to compliment greater awareness of Ireland’s sports orientated pub venues from one town to town another, and from county to county, a new sports acorn is soon launching and publicans will not be joining any new nationwide umbrella trading group with all the associated costs.

Sports Banter and Golden Memories

Former G.A.A. and soccer players of times past do not fade away like dew on the grass. However out of sight.. out of mind.. does play a huge role in appreciating the immense contributions of notable former players. On retirement even the greatest of the great players, though never entirely forgotten, fade out of public attention. 

The All Ireland Hall of Fame Online Gallery presents an Online Club and County collection of legendary Irish sports personalities of Times Past, sports people whose sporting deeds and abilities were a joy to behold. The All Ireland SportsLife Pub Venue concept introduces Irish sports fans Online to a Collection of User Friendly All Ireland SportsLife Pub Venues and right now the game is just starting with a tiny acorn.


In this SportsLife project, marrying sport into everyday pub business is very economical. All venues displaying the SportsLife symbol are all independently owned pub businesses and support the concept of a national symbol to identify sports friendly Irish pubs.

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