Missionaries & Clergy Hall of Fame

Vocations to religious orders throughout Ireland is no longer a priority for young Irish boys and girls.

In times past almost every Irish town spawned great numbers of boys and girls for a religious life. In 21st century Ireland, vocations are almost obsolete.

Ireland stood tall amongst the nations of the world in bygone centuries exporting clergy to foreign lands to preach the word of Christianity.

Irish people of religious communities became iconic names for their bravery and intuition and our Hall Fame hosts a unique collection who became Famous Sons & Daughters Of Ireland as priests, nuns and missionaries.

Torpedoed At Sea And Unable To Swim. Co. Mayo Nurse Working On A Hospital Ship Defied Death Story Of War Hero, Sr. Lily McNicholas Of Kiltimagh, An Inspiration To All Irish People In our considerations for incorporation of outstanding Irish people over several centuries, World Wars1 and 2 were responsible…
Tuesday, 31 December 2013 16:11

St. Oliver Plunkett - Famous Meath Cleric

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St. Oliver Plunkett - A Martyr For Ireland & His Faith Oliver Plunkett, an Irish martyr was executed because of his religious duties to his flock and from his arrest to his execution, his spurious trials made international headlines. His persecutors were intent that there could be only one final…
Nano Nagle - Cork woman Established Ursulines Convents Nano Nagle, a spiritual missionary hailed from the beautiful Blackwater vales that stream around north Cork right down to the eastern shorelines. Born at Ballygriffin, Killavullen, between Mallow and Fermoy in 1718, Nano’s life began at a time when England ruled Ireland…
Saturday, 07 December 2013 21:18

Edel Quinn - Famous Cork Missionary

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Edel Quinn - Cork Born Missionary Became Legion Of Mary Explorer An extraordinary famous daughter of Ireland whose life spanned a mere thirty six years. In that short lifetime she is known by Catholics worldwide for her great and historic spirituality in foreign lands. The Legion of Mary was spread…
Catherine McCauley: Founder Of Mercy Order Of Nuns In 1831 The foundation set up by Catherine McAuley on 12 th December 1831 was called the ‘Sisters Of Mercy’ and developed internationally to become the largest religious congregation of women in the English speaking world. The ideals and aspirations set out…
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