Explorers Hall of Fame

These are famous Irish people and also Irish people whose deeds are often forgotten. Under the umbrella of our All Ireland Hall Fame we cherish the Golden Memories of our famous Irish Explorers.

Nellie Cashman and Tom Crean are just two Irish people of many Irish explorers who threaded over dangerous and life threatening adventures and came through unscathed.

Our Hall Fame search for adventurous Irish people of times past and current, will take us on fact finding research projects over the next few years.

We look forward to exploring great feats by Irish people and also by descendants of Irish people.

Captain Roberts And The Sirius Historic Links To Passage West, Co. Cork Passage West, Co. Cork, Ireland, is an old Irish town with a great maritime heritage amongst its forebears and the majority of the riverside lower lands run alongside the River Lee stretching from Rochestown to downstream Monkstown. The…
Saturday, 03 May 2014 22:45

Sir Francis Beaufort

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one Of Ireland's Greatest Ever Inventors Sir Francis Beaufort Of Navan, Co. Meath Francis Beaufort was born into a family with a great interest in plotting maps which was his fathers masterpiece with the drawing board. His Irish credentials are largely his native place of birth and as a young…
Sunday, 29 December 2013 20:56

Tom Crean - Famous Kerry Explorer

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Tom Crean - Internationally Renowned Artic Explorer Tom Crean from the shorelines of west Co. Kerry, lived his young life close to the raging Atlantic Ocean and in his boyhood envisaged riding over the deep seas of the world. The family lived at Anascaul, near Dingle, and life for a…
Monday, 02 December 2013 21:10

Nellie Cashman - Famous Cork Explorer

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Nellie Cashman - Famous & Brave Cobh Woman & Famous Explorer A famous and brave daughter of Ireland, Nellie Cashman threaded paths on foreign lands where men of mighty strength and physique would not dare to contemplate. She broke no rules but she did break tradition by her noble and…
Sir Francis Beaufort

one Of Ireland's…

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