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Our Ancestral Irish Carved Immense Respect For Ireland In Foreign Lands.

Our Irish Heritage Website Reaches Out Over Land And Sea To People of Irish Ancestry Around The Globe


The establishment of Famous Ancestral Sons & Daughters Of Ireland as an incorporated menu category in our Irish Heritage Website, at the All Ireland Hall Of Fame @ is a new 2017 addition.

This new category was adopted especially for the Sons and Daughters of Irish born parents, grandparents and great grandparents, who decided to emigrate over the last two centuries possessed with an ambition to forge a new life far away from the Emerald Isle Of Ireland.


The centuries most affected with Irish emigration would be the 19th; 20th and unfortunately the current 21st century. Irish people migrated as single men and women but also many married couples made that gigantic decision to leave their native shore knowing full well, it was unlikely they would ever again come face to face, or embrace their parents, siblings and all their extended family members.


Emigration was always harsh and none moreso when the father figure of the family emigrated in advance of his own family, hoping to earn sufficient dollars to send home and finally manage to reunite his entire family in his adopted homeland.

The United States Of America had a special calling card as the land where dreams could be harvested whilst Australia and Canada were also major emigration centres for the Irish.


England, the arch enemy of Ireland for over 800 years, was always a consideration for Irish emigrants seeking new pastures. However English citizens had little regard for the Paddys and Biddies flooding their native land and the Irish were seldom regarded as equal citizens within England.

Whether your christian name was John, Tommy, Mary or Helen, English people labeled all Irish men and women as “Paddy and Biddy” and that applied to Irish emigrants from all over the Island Of Ireland. The English used the terms Paddy and Biddy as a ‘Put Down’ instrument of speech knowing Irish people would resent and be insulted at such categorisation.


Likewise in Canada, Australia and America, Irish emigrants had to battle endlessly to achieve respect in their new communities. Survival, let alone reaching prosperity,

was the daily target of thousands of Irish emigrants.

Many Irish emigrants thrived in their new homelands, but in most instances the first generation Irish emigrants toiled daily for survival. The second generation Irish availed of greater career opportunities through greater education and progressed to career heights that were totally out of reach to their family ancestors.


Irish emigrants paid a hefty price by migrating to new foreign lands, often with the bare necessities of intellectual capabilities. They knew the real beneficiaries would not be themselves. They sacrificed their own lives, often very unselfishly to benefit their off spring and particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries, an era when medical facilities for incurable ailments was rampant throughout the world.


21st century emigration, following the inevitable collapse of The Irish Celtic Tiger, was very far removed from emigration in bygone centuries for Irish emigrants and modern day travel presents none of the extreme hazards of times past. In previous eras of emigration, many members of Irish emigrants families perished at sea on their hazardous Atlantic overseas travels.


The decision to set up a new 2017 category – i.e. Famous Ancestral Sons & Daughters Of Ireland, is recognition and appreciation of the first generations of Irish emigrants who, against mighty odds, made immense decisions to adopt new homelands far away from the Island Of Island.


We are now reaching out to the Ancestral Sons and Daughters of Ireland, the successors of our emigrants who went on to become historic legends across sport, Commerce, industry, politics, music and other genres of life throughout the world.


The All Ireland Hall Of Fame is an All Irish – Irish Heritage Website, preserving and promoting Golden Memories of Times Past and Contemporary times also.

In promoting our new menu category – Ancestral Sons & Daughters Of Ireland, we are also honouring the glorious deeds of the original emigrants from Ireland.


First, second and third generations Irish throughout the world, who proudly proclaim their Irish ancestry as a rich inheritance, owe a great debt of gratitude to their forebears.


Without the enormous spirit of adventure of the men and women of Ireland, of long ago times past, who sacrificed body, limb and soul, by taking to the high and very dangerous Atlantic Sea, to reach a new and foreign land, millions of Irish ancestral people around the globe, could never claim an Irish identity and allegiance to Ireland.


Watch this space every month as we incorporate new Hall Of Fame inductions, tributes and profiles of our Famous Ancestral Sons & Daughters Of Ireland.

Happy browsing to all our readers around the globe.


Derry JF Doody


@ All Ireland Hall Of Fame

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