Historic Irish Snippets

Ireland was occupied by English forces for almost 800 years and great sacrifices were made by thousands who laid down their lives struggling for a free and united 32 county Ireland. When freedom was sanctioned in 1921, partition was enforced on the Island of Ireland and now in the 21st century, that partition is still robust.

The Republic Of Ireland embraces 26 counties under the banner of green, white and gold and Northern Ireland reigns under the British Union Jack colours.

Irish Republicians believe the gap for total unity of Ireland is narrowing every year and when England finally relent and hand over rightful ownership of the Island Of Ireland to a new all embracing Irish national government, Irish people all around the globe will chant – Hundreds Of Years Overdue.

Meantime Ireland is a hive of interesting snippets of information for our browsers to trawl over and we would welcome snippets of information on famous and historic events, special anniversaries of notable events in Ireland’s history and much more.

A brief browse at this section will enlighten you of the type of snippets acceptable for incorporation on our website.

Landmark Dates Of Irish Sports History 1884 *Gaelic Athletic Association was founded at Hayes’s Hotel,Thurles,Co.Tipperary. 1887* Tipperary become the first county to be crowned All Ireland Senior Hurling Champions by…
A Historic Collection of Dates & Events That Shaped 21st Century Ireland   432 ......Traditional date of St Patrick’s mission to Ireland.  Feast day 17th March  493 ...... Reputed date of…