Impossible Becomes A Possibility For Cork Hurling Fans

Unseen Talent Silences All Doubters And Can Be A Joy To Behold

Cork Hurlers Dazzle As They Uphold Tradition


Cork senior hurlers on Sunday 21st May 2017 at Semple Stadium, Thurles, rammed 2 goals and 27 points down the spines of their fiercest critics on expert panels and also amongst their own rebel army fans.

If the Cork management team knew their boys were capable of such a star studded powerhouse performance, then what went on behind closed doors, since Limerick outgunned them in the last league game of 2017 at Pairc Ui Rinn, must surely rank as the greatest ever transformation of any Cork senior hurling team since 1966.


During the 76 frantic minutes of speedy Gonzales point for point exhibition, any Cork fan saying they knew this display was in them, would be lying through their teeth. Not even Tipperary, who repeatedly stated, they would respect and fear Cork, saw this performance coming down the track.


All around the park, Cork players and subs stood up as never before seen in a Cork jersey. Exquisite skills were demonstrated and previously unseen amongst this group of players, and frankly, they set the hurling world alight.


The greatest single item revealed, is that Cork fans now finally know, there is huge talent in the squad, despite the numerous assertions by all writers, that Cork without underage success for so many years, simply didn’t have the players capable of sitting at the top table.


With Waterford now waiting in the shadows, the June Thurles showdown has taken on a whole new meaning. Would Cork survive with a 75% level of their Tipp performance and reel in The Decies. The bar has now gone up several notches in confidence and opponents will now need to hatch a rapid response technique to silence this Cork squad.


With a glitzy new stadium about to open in June 2017 the mindset was, that Cork would have a dazzling brand new stadium, but no hurling team to challenge for Munster and All Ireland honours. And that was based on evidence and not on fictional notion.


Cork have shown a brand new hand and whatever else transpires in 2017, rebel fans now have confirmation, that the upcoming summer of hurling witnessed the recreation of a mighty Cork senior hurling team. 


Derry JF Doody