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Wednesday, 03 May 2017 20:59

Why Not?

Written by Derry J F Doody

No Solution For Gaelic Games Congestion Of Fixtures For Club & County Players

The calamity and congestion of fixtures in club hurling and football will never be resolved in the next 100 years despite the establishment of the club players association.


Simply put. Soccer is Soccer. Rugby is Rugby; Athletics is Athletics. Boxing is Boxing. Camogie is Camogie. Ladies Football is Ladies Football and it goes on and on in most sports codes. Each sports code has its own governing bodies.


Gaelic Games embraces and incorporates two sports codes, hurling and football.

We have the high profile players playing on county teams and meantime the club players are sidelined at the expense of the county players in both hurling and football in all grades during the glorious summer months.


Croke Park have demanded more and more inter county games and the damage inflicted on county and club players reached epic proportions several years ago. It is difficult to envisage a new dawn to solve the impasse.

Playing county finals on rain sodden pitches in October and November is a cardinal sin simply because it is impossible to perform at optimum levels in such conditions.


The popularity of gaelic games at the top level is immense and whilst All Ireland club competitions at junior, intermediate and senior, are a source of great pride when a town/village team makes it to Croke Park, again these games are mostly played in the depths of the winter months.


The muddle is easy to identify. And that is without any considerations for the many dual players in all grades of gaelic games, let alone the hefty college fixtures, also mostly played in undesirable weather conditions.


After a lifetime following gaelic games, I have no remedy for the fixture congestions.

I believe the next 100 years will be a repeat of the last century. One strategy for consideration could be the setting up of two associations, just like camogie and ladies football.


Hurling and football are more than capable of surviving and prospering in their own individual categories just like handball, camogie, ladies football and all the other codes stated in my opening paragraphs. And why not?