One Of Ireland's Most Popular Sports Broadcasters

Míceál O'Muirheartaigh! 

Collection Of Famous Quips From Famous Kerryman


Teddy McCarthy to Mick McCarthy - no relation - Mick McCarthy to Teddy McCarthy - Still no relation.


Pat Fox is on the 40 - he grabs the sliothar - I bought a dog from his uncle last week - Fox turns and looks for goal - he makes a sprint - the dog ran a good race too last Monday in  Harold's Cross - Fox is on the 21 - he takes a rasping shot - it goes left and wide  - and the dog lost as well.


Stephen Byrne - the Offaly goalie pucks it out - Stephen is one of 12 - all but One are here to-day -

the One that's missing is Mary - she's at home minding the house - and the ball is dropping -  i lár na páirce.


Sean og O'Hailpin - he's father's from Fermanagh - he's mother's from Fiji - neither a hurling stronghold.


In the 1st half they played with the wind - in the 2nd half they played with the ball.


I see Babs dishing out the water on the sideline - Tipp are sponsored by a water company - Cork are sponsored by a Tae company - I wonder will they meet later for afternoon Tae.


Brendan Jer kicks the ball lán san aer - could have been a point  - could have been a goal.


Charlie Nelligan makes a meal out of a simple shot - he's people are bakers in Castleisland - and Sam is going home to Kerry.


Pat Fox has it on his hurl and he's motoring well now - but here comes Joe Rabbitte hot on his tail - I've seen it all now - a rabbit chasing a fox around Croke Park.


And Pat Spillane is down  injured - and while he is -  I'll  tell ye a little story - I was in Times Square,

New York, last week and I was missing the games back home - I went to a news stand and said -

I suppose ye wouldn't have the Kerryman -  would ye -  the Italian behind the counter turned to me and said - Do you want the North Kerry edition or the South Kerry edition - he had both - so I bought both - and now Spillane is back on his feet - takes a quick look and it's a mighty point for the Kingdom.


Anthony Lynch - the tight marking Cork corner back will be  the last person to let you down - his people are undertakers in Ballyvourney near the Cork and Kerry county bounds.


I was at mass in Gardiner Street this morning - so were many Sligo people - the omens seemed to be good for Sligo - the priest was wearing the same colours as the Sligo jersey - 50 yards out under the Cusack Stand , Paul Curran goes on a long solo run - lets go and it's in the back of the Sligo net - so much for religion.


He grabs the sliothar - he's on the 50 - he's on the 40 - he's on the 30 - and now he's on the ground.


Danny the Yank Culloty - he came down from the mountains and hasn't he done well.


0 - 8 to 1 - 5  - well from the Antarctic to the Laplands - that's level scores in any mans language.


Simply The Best!

The famed Kerry broadcaster had the most distinctive voice on radio and no other Irish sports broadcaster has won the hearts, minds and respect of sports fans as the much loved Dingle man.


Broadcasting since 1949 as gaelige, he did his first English spoken transmission of a live game in 1956 when he broadcast the Munster football final replay between Cork and Kerry.


His sparlkle, humour and knowledge of gaelic games eclipses all other Irish sports broadcasters placing the Kerryman alongside the legendary Micheal O'Hehir.


Gaelic games fans thrilled to his lilting radio descriptions of the tackles and tumbles as play swept from one goalpost to another.


His interactions with tales of family knowledge of players, relatives, our culture and music, gave Miceál's listeners a colourful and humourous broadcast.