Remembering Anthony Foley

Sport Throws Up Some Really Unexpected Results and So Does Living and Dying

Anthony Foley's Sudden Death Strikes Another Chord In Case We Are Not Listening


As grandfathers and grandmothers we expect to depart this world long before our sons and daughters but the decision makers between the termination of life and death very often also make really surprising decisions that nobody can comprehend.

A young man full of sporting life who won all the major rugby honours and was aspiring to go around the sporting block also as a coach, was seized from his family, relatives and millions of sporting rugby friends and orbited into planet unknown.

Limerickman Anthony Foley was a big strong athlete and not a candidate for the final whistle.


We will mourn but time will step in once more and partially heal the mortal wound. His memory and achievements will live on and here at The All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery we will strive to preserve and promote through our Golden Memories Irish Heritage Website, the historic memories of Anthony Foley for current and future generations of Irish people, our Irish exiles and for people of Irish ancestry around the globe.


On Sunday morning 16th October 2016, arising from my slumber I had no notion of writing and incorporating the sports career of the late Munster and Ireland rugby icon, Anthony Foley, into the Golden Memories of our Irish Heritage website @ All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery.

Gone is a rugby athlete who loved Munster and Ireland so dearly but his memory lives on.

May he rest in peace.