Frank Murphy - Irish Olympian (R.I.P.)

One Day At A Time!

In 2016 and now in 2017 we were informed of many Irish sports legends who passed over to their eternal rewards but of course life is not all about our legends. Many champion club volunteers also left this kingdom.

A true and sad reality when referring to bereavements is the rate of suicide victims of all ages. Recently a 70+ Irish legend entered the statistics of suicide victims but the real victims are the immediate families striving to come to terms with such a human tragedy.

Many families who have encountered suicide live the rest of their lives wondering - could they have done more to prevent this final act. Several new groups and associations have set up in recent years as support groups but the reality is the inspiration to set up any new group is a response to a personal involement in a suicide incident.


Cancer is another ailment causing immense family distress all over Ireland and as traumatising as it is, facing up to cancer is essential when families receive confirmation. Our hope is that in 2017 we will encounter minimum distress with sicknesses and suicides.


The family of former Irish athlete, Frank Murphy of Dublin, are now mourning the death of the Irish Olympian on Thursday 5th January 2017.

Frank represented Ireland in two Olympics - Mexico and Munich in 1969 and 1972 resectively.

May he rest in peace.


Note! A profile of the late Frank Murphy is incorporated in our All Ireland Hall Of Fame category under "Sports Legends".

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