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MICK MACKEY (Limerick): All Ireland SportsLife Hall Of Fame Inductee [HURLING AWARD]

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It is impossible to discuss hurling legends and omit the legendary Mick Mackey of Limerick

 The 1930s hurling era truly belonged to the hurlers from Shannonside as Munster and All Ireland titles and National League successes flowed gently along. Limerick’s rise to hurling fame in 1934 was reborn after a lapse of thirteen years without an All Ireland senior hurling title.The revival was made possible by the emergence of a new man on the scene after he had paid his own entry fee to watch his county do battle with old foe Kilkenny.

The occasion was a National Hurling League game on Sunday 6th November 1930 at the Gaelic Grounds, Limerick. When Limerick discovered that they were unable to field fifteen players, a frantic search in the ranks of spectators finally uncovered a young rising prospect, none other than a hurler who would become an icon of hurling.


Mick was asked 'Would He Fall In' and he duly obliged with borrowed kit and proceeded to play his very first game for the Limerick senior hurlers. Some spectators were overheard to remark - that if they had asked Mick to play in his underwear and barefoot, he would not have refused the call. He had already worn the famed green jersey at minor and junior ranks. Kilkenny won on Mick’s debut day 3 - 4 to 0 - 3. The Mick Mackey story will never die whilst hurling thrives on the many comparisons of the many legends who became icons of hurling.

Mick Mackey, was born on 12/07/1912 and died on 13/09/1982. He was the son of legendary Limerick 1920s hurler, John 'Tyler' Mackey. In the 30s era, the late and great Tipp and Tubberadora goalie, Mick Maher, of 1895/96/98 fame, claimed that Mick Mackey 'Was the GREATEST Hurler he ever saw' and he stated, that 'he saw them all.


Career Summary:

Club: Ahane

Inter - county career: 1930/47

3 All Ireland Senior Hurling Medals: 1934/36/40

All Ireland Senior Hurling R/Up 1933/35

5 Munster Senior Hurling Medals: 1933/34/35/36/40 (contested 11 Munster Senior Finals)

5 N.H.L. Medals: 1933/34; 1934/35; 1935/36; 1936/37; 1938/39

8 Railway Cups: 1934/35/37/38/39/40/43/45

15 Co. Senior Hurling Medals: 1931/33/34/35/36/37/38/39/42/43/44/45/46/47/48

5 Co. Senior Football Medals: 1935/36/37/38/39

*scored 5 - 3 V Tipp in 1936 Munster senior hurling final

Played in 5 All Ireland Senior Hurling Finals

1st All Ireland Final: Sunday 3rd September 1933 Kilkenny 1 - 7 Limerick 0 - 6

* 2nd All Ireland Final: Sunday 30th September 1934 Limerick 5 - 2 Dublin 2 - 6

(Replay) Limerick 2 - 7 Dublin 3 - 4 (Draw) (Played on 2nd September 1934)

3 rd All Ireland Final: Sunday 1st September 1935 Kilkenny 2 - 5 Limerick 2 - 4

* 4 th All Ireland Final: Sunday 6th September 1936 Limerick 5 - 6 Kilkenny 1 - 5

(Captain of the Limerick team)

* 5 th All Ireland Final: Sunday 1 st September 1940 Limerick 3 - 7 Kilkenny 1 - 7

(Captain of the Limerick team)


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