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TONY REDDIN (Tipperary & Galway): All Ireland SportsLife Hall Of Fame Inductee [HURLING AWARD]

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Tony Reddin - Famous Tipperary Goalkeeper - Born In Co. Galway -

Chosen As Goalkeeper On Team Of Century 1984 & Millennium Team 2000


The story of Tony Reddin will be told as long as ash meets leather and young players feel the tingle of ash in their fingers and that will be forever. Tony Reddin came to national prominence approaching his 30th birthday when he won an All Ireland senior hurling medal, when Tipperary comprehensively beat Laois in the 1949 All Ireland senior hurling final.

Tony had moved across the county bounds from Mullagh, Co. Galway, to the north west barony of Tipperary. He left his native parish to seek new pastures in employment and he settled in the village of Lorrha, near the Galway border, in February 1947. The village was already immersed in hurling folklore, but it would be the famous Galwayman who would go on to create a whole new identity for the small village.

Lorrha became known as the proud home and club of Tony Reddin, as the famous goalkeeper made huge sporting headlines with spectacular displays in the No.1 Blue and Gold jersey. From the time he arrived in Lorrha a new found pride in the club jersey began to surface and that was most unusual for a goalkeeper to enjoy such a healthy profile. The Mullagh hurler was already an inter county senior player in the maroon and white of Galway, before his arrival in Tipperary. In Tipp’s colours he rose to a level of stardom never before achieved by a hurling goalkeeper.

Very few players reached the pinnacle of their career at thirty and then proceeded to become one of the all time greatest ever hurlers in the following seven years. Tony Reddin achieved such unprecedented status in the 1950’s. As a goalkeeper of the traditional hells kitchen era, he faced burly full forwards who only ever saw green flags.

He feared no dashing attackers. He perfected a new elegance in the art of shot stopping and also in the art of evading bone crushing man tackles. Even his most fierce opponents realised he was the supreme king of all hurling goalkeepers. In the years 1948 to 1957 he won 3 All Ireland senior titles in a row, 6 National League titles and was selected as the greatest ever goalkeeper on The Team Of The Century 1984 and again on The 2000 Millennium team.

Club; County & Provincial Roll Of Honour:

3 Senior All Ireland Medals: 1949; 1950; 1951

3  Senior Munster Medals:      1949; 1950; 1951

6 National League Medals:  1949; 1950; 1952; 1954; 1955; 1957

5 Railway Cup Medals:  1950; 1951; 1952; 1953; 1955

Connacht Junior Hurling Medal: 1940

2 North Tipperary Senior Hurling Championship Medals:

1948; 1956—with Lorrha/Dorrha


Hurling Team Of Century 1984:   

Selected as Goalkeeper

Millennium Hurling Team 2000:    

Selected as Goalkeeper 

Juvenile Co. Hurling Medal (Galway)   1933  (with Mullagh)

Inter County Career   —  Galway     1941—19

Tipperary Senior Hurling Team:   1948—1957


On Monday 2nd March 2015 RTE News announced the unexpected death of 96 years old Tony Reddin, who died after a brief illness that surfaced just a week before his death. Tony it seemed was bullet proof when it came to age and the passing months and years just kept piling up and he marched on full of life.

Then the hurling world learned that the goalkeeper of the century in 1984 and the millennium goalkeeper also of 2000, simply could not stop this bullet from the blue on his health. His funeral mass at Banagher, Co. Offaly, on the Wednesday, brought together a great assembly of hurling giants and gaels from as far away as Omagh came to Banagher to mourn the Galway born famous Tipperary goalkeeper.

Listening to Ken Hogan's wonderful tribute from the altar ensured the great custodian got a rousing send off from a packed congregation and he truly deserved all the recognition that came his way on his last journey.

Tony Reddin is now with many more legends from the centurion and millennium teams and may the green grass in north Tipperary rest lightly oer your grave.

Slán Leat - Antóin - R.I.P.

Composed by Derry JF Doody

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