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Matt Fuohy, Famous Cork Hurler, Was A Powerful Half Back Winning 3 All Ireland Senior Titles In A Row In 1950's

Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork, has always been a bastion of hurling and many great county players have blossomed from this historic club. Mattie Fuohy wore the blue and gold jersey with intense pride, but it was in the rebel red jersey of Cork that he became a legendary half back in the 1940's and 50's. Mattie is best remembered for his outstanding feat in holding down a half back berth on Cork’s 3 in a row All Ireland senior hurling champion teams of 1952/53/54.

As an exceptionally talented hurler, the Munster Railway Cup hurling selectors put him on their 1950 team. Cork and Tipp encounters in the 1940's and 50's were never tame and friendly and Fuohy and his comrades engaged in tough physical battles that demanded great skill and bravery.

The Carrig hurler stood up to all comers, but always in a fair and sporting manner that depicted his reputation on and off the field. That opinion was shared by all who knew the famous Carrigtwohill hurler. The greatness of Mattie Fuohy has endured many hurling generations and his inclusion in our Hall Of Fame collection is truly deserved. His impressive roll of honour started with an All Ireland senior hurling medal as a sub in 1944 when Cork completed a 4 in a row record.

Spells on and off the team would no longer ensue after 1949 and Mattie Fuohy’s name became a constant inclusion on all Cork senior hurling team sheets until 1957. Commitment to his beloved Carrig had no bounds and at a sprightly 40 years young in 1962, he won his second East Cork junior hurling medal. His untimely passing, at just 53 years old in April of 1977, brought great sadness to his club and his wife and family.  


1941: Imokilly Junior ‘A’ hurling c’ship medal, County junior hurling c’ship medal, All Ireland minor hurling medal, Munster minor hurling medal.

1944: All Ireland senior hurling medal Munster senior hurling medal.

1947: Imokilly Junior hurling c’ship medal.

1948: Imokilly Junior hurling c’ship medal, National Hurling League medal, County Junior hurling c’ship medal.

1949: County Intermediate hurling c’ship medal.

1950: County Intermediate hurling c’ship medal Railway Cup.

1951: Railway Cup medal.

1952: All Ireland senior hurling medal Munster senior hurling medal Railway Cup medal.

1953: All Ireland senior hurling medal, Munster senior hurling medal,Railway Cup hurling medal, National Hurling League medal.

1954: All Ireland senior hurling medal, Munster senior hurling medal.

1955: Railway Cup hurling medal.

1956: Munster senior hurling medal.

1962: Imokilly Junior hurling c’ship medal.

2011: Inducted into All Ireland Hall of Fame Online Gallery @


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