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Lory Meagher Put Tullaron On Ireland's Hurling Map As He Became A Hurling




Over The Bar, said Lory Meagher. Take your point and the goals will come later. Phrases attributed to the legendary and All Ireland hurling icon from Tullaroan, Co.Kilkenny, Lorenzo Ignatius Meagher, but better known in the hurling world as just, Lory Meagher.

His glorious hurling era goes back on inter county fare to the period 1924 to 1937, when he won three All Ireland titles, nine Leinster titles and one National Hurling League title. Lory was born into the Tullaroan farming community and the family heritage decreed, that hurling was destined to become a major focus of his sporting life.

Lory was not known for his craving for publicity and his decision to remain a bachelor all his life provided him with two motivations, farming and hurling. He lined out with his local club, Tullaroan, and it is probably fair justice to imply, that Lory made Tullaroan as famous as his own name. His memory is preserved in the village with an exhibition centre and museum, revealing Kilkenny’s and Lory’s many heoric sporting achievements.

Midfield was his command centre and in the Centenary Hurling Team of 1984 and the Millennium Team of 2000, Lory Meagher was honoured alongside Cork’s Jack Lynch as the two best midfiel combinations. With Kilkenny he made his debut in 1924 in a Leinster championship match v Dublin at the ripe old age of twenty five ,and victory went to the Dubs on that auspicious occasion for the Meagher family.

In 1925 he won his first Leinster medal after Dublin had to conceded the title following an objection.His first All Ireland senior hurling medal came in 1932 but only after losing two finals. Standing at 5ft 11 inches, Lory was a slim and trim natural athlete in 1931, when Kilkenny and Cork required three hectic games to produce a result in the All Ireland final.

Lory as captain, aged thirty two, was now playing probably the best hurling of his career. He was captain in 1931in those historic finals, but broken ribs meant Lory had to miss the third and final match to decide the final and Kilkenny, without their star captain, conceded victory to Cork.

Club & County Roll Of Honour

3 All Ireland Senior Hurling Medals: 1932; 1933; 1935

Runner - Up: 1926/31/33/34

9 Leinster Senior Hurling Medals:

1925; 1926; 1929; 1931; 1932; 1933; 1935; 1936; 1937.

Runner - Up:   1927/34

1 National Hurling League Medal: 1932/33

Inter County Career:

39 games  1924 - 37

Scored 8 - 46

2 Railway Cup Hurling Medals:  1927; 1933

Runner - Up: 1929/30/34/35

5 Kilkenny Senior Hurling Medals: 1924; 1925; 1930; 1933; 1934 


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