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MICHAEL O'SHEA (Cork): All Ireland SportsLife Hall Of Fame Inductee

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Michael O'Shea of Redmonds G.A.A. Club, Cork & Diamond Jubilee Celebration of

his association with famous club



The O'Shea coal merchant family of Rutland Street, in the heart of Cork city, are well known in G.A.A. circles for

the longevity of their sporting association with Cork's famous Redmonds G.A.A. club and one member of the

O'Shea family began his own association with the club in 1958.


Michael O'Shea walked in to the Redmonds club in 1958 and now in the embers of 2018 he is the current club chairman and one of the clubs most

loyal and committed members down through all the decades. This is a nostalgic year for the Redmonds legend as he comes to the end of his

Diamond Jubilee association with Redmonds but of course Michael's Redmond's journey has many more years to run.


Life with Redmonds wearing the renowned green/white colours first blossomed in under age hurling and football in the City Division and sources

state, he was an accomplished dual player and made a huge impression on Cork's minor hurling selectors, but as often happens, an off the cuff

comment by an unfriendly official did not rest too lightly on Michael's shoulders.

Undeterred he proceeded to give total committment to Redmonds in both codes over many years and so devoted was Michael to his club, he

established himself as one of the clubs greatest ever servants in its history. In sixty long years serving Redmonds, Michael's tenure came at a

time when great change took place in the heart of Cork city and the population of the original districts, from whence Redmonds originated,

endured major population decline.

As an inner city senior hurling club from foundation in 1892 and through to the 1920's, the club annexed five Cork senior hurling championship

titles and these glorious triumphs were the foundations that established Redmonds with a proud tradition to maintain. Demotion to lower grades

inevitably followed but the spirit of the G.A.A. was still alive and thriving in their native districts.


When Michael O'Shea arrived into the club as a 10 year old garsúin in 1958, the premier grade was junior in both codes and well do I remember

the great reputation of Redmonds in juvenile ranks in the late 1950's and early 1960's. All through the 1960's, Michael and many more legendary

Redmonds names, kept the green/white colours of the club to the forefront in city competitions. Titles were achieved, great players were honed

and when Redmonds needed guidance and people to lead them in the 1970's and succeeding decades, Michael O'Shea was achoring the club

with fellow comrades who were always counted upon as the true rocks of the club.



The Redmonds journey was often a rocky road for survival and fielding teams from an area decimated by mass movement of young people to

outlying suburban districts of Cork, posed major problems for Michael and his club, but despite this negativity, Redmonds club in 2018 has a brand

new committee, fronted by Michael as chairman.


Without All Ireland Champion Volunteers such as Michael O'Shea at the helm, clubs such as Redmonds would simply have to explode to

extinction, but with endless and loyal comrades as his colleagues, the fires are still burning around Tower Street and leading the club once again is

their Diamond Jubilee chairman and evergreen Green/White colleague and clubman, Michael O'Shea. 

The Golden Memories of Michael's outstanding longevity of service to his beloved Redmonds will now be preserved Online at the All Ireland Hall

Of Fame Online Gallery for currentand future Redmonds generations.


Michael's Family:

Parents: Hannah Hallahan (Ballincollig)& Patrick O'Shea (Kealkil)

Michael's wife is Assumpta and family consists of Michael; Paul; Aidan and Anne Marie.

Brothers & Sisters: Mary (R.I.P.); Danny; Paddy; Sheila; Jerry and Michael

 Family Business: Patrick O'Shea left his native west Cork home of Kealkil in the 1930's and headed out for the bright light lights of Cork city. Working as a farm labourer around Kealkil, he had entrepreneural visions of working for himself in Cork and set up a tarmacadam business initially and then progressed to set up O'Shea's Coal Merchants, one of Cork's most successful coal merchant companies at Rutland Street, just off the South Terrace.

In the 21st century the business is now run by a third generation of O'Sheas following many decades under the guidance of the founders sons. The original property still stands as a landmark intersection on Rutland Street and is now a hive of activity with new services complimenting the coal supply business. 

Michael O'Shea, Redmonds Diamond Jubilee celebrant, is now officially retired, but as chairman of his beloved Redmonds, Michael's daily agenda is always a sporting day and long may he continue to serve one of Cork's most famos G.A.A. clubs.  


Michael O'Shea's Image Gallery:

A collection of memorabilia pictures of Michael and his family and also sporting pics of Redmonds teams, are included in our image gallery.Take a browse and watch this space for more pictures from the presentation event.


Derry JF Doody


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