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Jim Gavin

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Jim Gavin of Dublin Fame Strolls in to our Hall of Fame

Winning the Sam Maguire Cup five years in succession did not elevate Jim Gavin to hero status. He had already created history as Dublin's greatest ever gaelic football manager, but it did set him apart from all other managers of inter county teams since the very first All Ireland competition of 1887. His unique achievement is more or less untouchable for all current and future inter county managers.


Management takes its toll, but reading and listening to commentators since Jim announced his retirement on the last week of November 2019, it makes me question, why so many experts said 'they didn't see it coming'. Winning one All Ireland creates its own history for managers and winning five in a row bestows a Hall of Fame achievement of unprecedented status. Jim Gavin's name will never be shredded from gaelic football's history books or archives and incorporating the former Dublin manager at the All Ireland Hall of Fame Online Gallery as a historic gaelic football coach is par for the course.

Trawling through the Round Towers of Clondalkin clubman's list of honours as a manager tells its own story and for the record here's a summary...

6 All Ireland Senior Football Titles (5 in a row, 2015 to 2019); 7 Leinster Senior Football Titles; 5 National Football League Titles; 49 All Star Achievements;  4 Footballers of the Year Awards; Overall Record - Played 107 Won 86 Lost 11 Drew 10 Championship - Played 48 Won 44 Lost 1 Drew 3; National Football League - Played 59 Won 42 Lost 10 Drew 7


The above stats were harnessed in a seven year reign, but it should also be noted that Jim Gavin was a playing member of the Dublin 1995 All Ireland champion team, wore the famed Dubs jersey 25 times, won 3 Leinster titles and one National Fottball League title. Playing career went from 1992 to 2002 and overall he shot 25 points on the scoreboard.

During his managerial time running Dublin, he had able bodied and experienced football tacticans at his command and leaving the ship at 48 years of age, ensures ample time to return to action, but such a course is unlikely to occur, as Jim has zero left to prove in the world of gaelic football. Happy retirement.

Derry JF Doody


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