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Seán Fallon of Celtic: Tribute & Induction

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This project is designated to all Irish Glasgow Celtic fans and supporters

throughout the Emerald Isle's 32 Counties and Around The World


Famous 'SportsLife' Son of Sligo and Ireland and Former Player & Management Icon of Glasgow Celtic




Author: TOM BROWN of Edinburgh & Celtic Fan               



Since the beginning, Celtic have had many great servants

but there have been none more loyal, none more fervent

None possessed of the spirit or integrity,

none who behaved more impeccably,

none less selfish or with less of an ego

none like Sean Fallon, Freeman of Sligo

Sean came to Celtic by an unconventional track,

he was in his late twenties before he signed a contract.

Rumour has it that in order to maintain Celtic’s interest

he knocked two years off his age to be of a younger vintage.

Nobody seemed to notice and so the signing was done

thus, Sean Fallon’s love affair with Celtic had begun

But were it not for an accident his path might have been different -

his sister was saved from drowning, which led to something significant.

Lilly Fallon, was rescued by one Joe McMenemy

Does the name ring a bell? Does it jog your memory?

Joe was the son of the Celtic great, Jimmy

and from that moment on Sean and Joe got chummy.

Joe turned on Sean to all things Celtic -

up until then he had been successful playing the Gaelic.

He was a swimmer too, as good as any in the land

but when he started to play soccer, they told him he was banned.

No more Gaelic football, so it was the fitba’ from there on

and playing for Celtic soon became his burning ambition..

He wasn’t a star but he was tough and he was strong

and with his spirit and enthusiasm, he stood out from the throng.

He played for a few clubs and then he was offered modest terms

to play professionally for Glenavon where he thought he could learn.

And whilst playing there he was picked for a representative game -

Sean Fallon was beginning to make his name.

Celtic came to see him and they liked what they saw

and very soon he was on his way across the water to Glasgow.

At twenty-eight (or was it twenty six) he needed to break through quickly

and he did - as a full back or forward who was as tough as hickory.

Within two years he was made skipper and had lifted the Scottish Cup

and he collected four more medals before he finished up.

His team mate and good pal during this time was Jock Stein

Sean gave him the captaincy for the good of the team

Stein never forgot such an unselfish gesture

but much later Fallon was to bestow even more pleasure.

When Stein was brought back by Parkhead to save an ailing team

they wanted him to assist Fallon who was to manage the team

But Stein would return only on one condition

that he managed the team with Sean as Assistant.

Sean could have baulked and walked away,

but he knew Jock was the right man and he opted to stay

and so began a partnership that turned dust to gold

Celtic, with Stein and Fallon, soon started to roll

They rolled over everyone in Scotland winning Cups and League titles

and Sean Fallon’s role became increasingly vital.

Big Jock could be withering and his sarcasm could be cutting

some players could handle it but it left others hurting

or when players were left out, and needed comforting words

They would speak to Sean when their thoughts were blurred

You see Sean Fallon was a man that other men could trust,

he always put Celtic and the players first.

Whether a star in the first team or just trying to make their way

Sean always made time to hear what they had to say.

He was as straight as a die and if you wore the Hoops

If he could make you better he did whatever it took.

But there is no doubt that Sean Fallon’s greatest gift

(apart from his patience with those who needed a lift)

was his ability to spot a player that he knew would fit

the Celtic philosophy and so this was his remit.

Of course most of the young talent that Celtic pursued

were being chased by other clubs, so there was always a queue.

But Sean Fallon always knew that when he spoke to the parents,

he could find the right words to give them re-assurance,

because when he spoke affectionately about the Celtic family,

this wasn’t glib blarney or a well-rehearsed homily.

For this was a man whose values were ingrained

being a member of Celtic was, for him, more than a game

So, in the Stadium in Lisbon on 25th May ’67,

watching Celtic dominate that final you could have been forgiven

that Sean Fallon didn’t feature, it was all about Jock Stein

But that was how Sean liked it - in the background unseen.

But many of the players, Jimmy Johnstone for one,

might not have been playing but for Sean’s persuasive tongue.

Jock Stein and Sean Fallon were always kindred spirits

They liked a bet, they liked ‘the pictures’ and they loved all the snippets

of football gossip and rumours - they probably started plenty

for their cupboard of stories was very seldom empty.

Sean Fallon served Celtic, with devotion, for a lifetime

a great man who was just happy to let others shine

©TMB 2017


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