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Griffins Of Cork.. Selling & Tuning Pianos Over 50 Years

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Historic Irish Businesses Hall of Fame Collection Incorporating Griffin Pianos, Cork


From Dublin To Cork Came Patrick Griffin, Master Piano Tuner, Who Set Up

an Irish Business Of Longevity… Selling and Tuning Pianos All Over Ireland….


Cork is well known for outstanding sportsmen and women, and of course the rebel county is a mighty landscape for musical performers also. And on musical notes, a Dublin man came to Leeside around the mid 1940’s to court a Corkonian woman on her own native soil. He never went home after finding true love in Cork.

Patrick Griffin was a piano tuner in one of Ireland’s best known musical shops, Pigotts & Company of Dublin, but then decided to take the Naas Road out of Dublin and never looked back. He settled in with the Cork branch of Pigotts and practiced his profession all around Munster, working with schools, convents, churches and professional pianists.

As a reputed piano tuner, demands for Parick’s services inspired him to set up his own Cork based business and in the mid 1950's Griffin Pianos Ltd. was established. The expertise of Patrick in piano tuning was widely recognised around Cork and throughout Munster, and a network of clients confirmed his decision to start his own company was well founded.


Third Generation Of Griffins.... As the business grew following the introduction of William, (Patrick’s son) at age sixteen, the company expanded, as clients from Ireland’s four provinces were calling on Griffins for piano tuning and also the purchase of new pianos. Based at 1, Greenwood Estate, Togher, Cork, (current company headquarters) William was tutored by his dad in a profession where natural ability is an essential, and like many family businesses, when the time came for William to pilot Griffin Pianos, he was already well tuned in to the demands of the business.

Since assuming the role of managing director, William, as the second Griffin generation, was conscious that his company needed further management personnel and into the business stepped his daughter,Lynn. Under father and daughter team, Griffin Pianos is now the premier Irish supplier of pianos to educational establishments all over Ireland and amongst their impressive list of ongoing clientele, prominent names such as Cork School of Music, Waterford Institute of Technology, Kilkenny School of Music, University College Cork and many more church and state bodies, are all on the books of Griffin Pianos.

In 2019 it’s the third generation of Griffins steering the business, along with the founders son, William and Patrick’s granddaughter, Lynn. Strange as it may sound, piano tuners are mostly not musical people, but in the Griffin mould, as piano tuners, they have inherited a masterful command of what is required to be the best in their profession of piano tuning.


Their reputation is based on performance skills and satisfying the exquisite professional musical ears of the wide range of musical people who perform on pianos and organs all over Ireland. Key perfection is well recognised by pianists and with so many performers relying on the Griffin team, job satisfaction is a daily requirement.

From the origin of Griffin Pianos right up to 2019, a melodious span of over five decades has been amassed and as an Irish business of Distinction and Longevity, Griffin Pianos is now incorporated in our Historic Irish Business Hall Of Fame collection.


We salute the founder Patrick Griffin, his successor and son, William Griffin, and now the third Griffin generation, William’s, daughter Lynn.


…..The component services of Griffin Pianos include the following services:

Piano Tuning: Workshop Trained Concert Tuners with over three generations of experience.Tuning includes full action and pedal alignment. After hours tuning service also available.


Piano Sales:

Written guarantee on all pianos. Free nationwide delivery. All pianos tuned and inspected on delivery. Top Trade in Allowance.

Mastercrafted Restorations: With over 120 years of combined experience, Griffin Pianos can transform your piano from a minor blemish, to a complete overhaul, rebuild and refinish. Your piano will not only look great, but will play and sound fantastic also. We guarantee all our work.


Piano Moving: We can move your piano locally or nationwide. We assess and tune your piano upon delivery. Call 021/ 4964773 for more details and prices.


Piano Hire: Local and nationwide piano hire. Upright and grand pianos available.


Composed by Derry JF Doody


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