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Ireland's unique sporting and cultural heritage is celebrated in a carefully curated set of galleries providing tributes and profiles to both local and national sporting and historical figures.

All-Ireland Hall of Fame

Ireland as a small country is a huge nation in sporting terms and the majority of the people of Ireland express an interest in sport. Sport unifies people of all creeds and without sport in our daily lives, it is hard to imagine any other commodity capable of reaching out to Irish people in such user friendly terms.

Our native sports are primarily hurling, gaelic football, ladies football, camogie, handball and rounders, whilst other codes such as rugby and soccer, are also mainstream sports. Immense changes have occurred in 21st century Ireland in areas of professionalism and athletes training schedules. Athletes of 20th century Ireland marvel at the commitment of present day sports men and women, compared to the training requirements of bygone decades.


Irish Heritage Hall of Fame

Our forebears are the men and women of Ireland who achieved national and international acclaim for their outstanding abilities in a wide range of activities. Our heritage is a huge component of what Irish people are proud to advance at home and abroad.

The classifications for our Irish Heritage Hall of Fame are varied and interesting and a quick browse through our categories will lead you to discover many interesting facts and figures within our Irish Heritage Hall Fame.



Club & County Hall of Fame

Every county has a wealth of clubs across all sports codes and clubs are at the heart of all local communities. Playing with and alongside the friends we grew up with creates a distinctive source of pride whilst your county is also your pride and joy. Combined Club & County matters are the heartbeat of life and a huge source of daily news.


Irish Business Hall of Fame

People in business require self motivation and belief in their own ability to succeed and failure cannot be considered when investing your own money in your own ambitions. Creating an Irish Business Hall Fame via www.scoreboardmemories.com is recognition and appreciation of Irish entrepreneurs.