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John B. Keane (Kerry): Irish Heritage Hall of Fame Inductee

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John B. Keane John B. Keane

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John B. Keane - One Of Ireland's Most Jovial Authors

A great Irish Literary legend of the 20th century. John B.Keane brought immense joy into peoples lives through his unrivalled capacity to embrace humour and Irish traditions into his writing over many decades.


Born in Listowel, Co. Kerry, in 1932, John B was a rare class of writer from the land of saints and scholars and composed millions of words of wit and humour that captured the imagination of his readers in many countries throughout the world.

His love of writing was only matched by his passion for Gaelic football, a sport from which he found great inspiration and ideas for writing. The eccentrics who followed the game put football before all else and unwittingly gave John B immense verse and poetry.


A famous composer of over twenty full length plays, his admirers will identify with many of his illustrious productions. All became best selling novels.


The Field, written by J.B. became an international film, with Richard Harris, playing the lead role. His international acclaim through ‘Sive’ courted many audiences to repeat shows worldwide and truly established the great Kerryman as a literary giant.


Other famous J.B. Productions such as: ‘Big Maggie’ ;  ‘The Change in Mame Fadden’; ‘The Buds Of Ballybunion’; ‘Many Young Men Of Twenty’; ‘The Year Of The Hiker’; ‘The Man From Clare’; ‘The Letters Of A Love Hungry Farmer’; and ‘ The Letters Of A Matchmaker’ all became best selling novels.


JB’s storytelling also told real life anecdotes encountered by JB behind the counter of his bar in Listowel.

Many innocent unsuspecting customers explained to John B the ups and downs of their daily life and in doing so created many humorous lines for the author.


His numerous TV appearances were always awaited with great anticipation of great stories told in the manner accustomed only to John B.


He kept his audience spellbound in the psalm of his hand and they listened to him far more attentively than their local cleric preaching from the pulpit. His ability to thrill by the written word was a joy to behold and this famous literary son of Ireland left a rich legacy for many future generations.

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