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George Bernard Shaw (Dublin): Irish Heritage Hall of Fame Inductee

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George Bernard Shaw - Author George Bernard Shaw - Author

George Bernard Shaw - Famous Irish Poet & Author


Considered to be one of the all time legends of Irish authors, Dublin born George Bernard Shaw, was a famous author, playwright and also a political activist. Shaw wrote over sixty plays and traversed across many subjects in drama to include some comedy. He resented greatly the rich and famous who exploited the poor and deprived citizens. Many of his works did not spare such offenders.

In his long life of ninety four years George Bernard Shaw was a very capable orator and was involved in political affairs through his association with London County Council, albeit for a short duration.


His greatest claim to fame came from his literary works and he was awarded the Nobel Prize For Literature in 1925 and he also claimed an Oscar in 1938.

An Irishman of great modesty, the Nobel prize money awarded to him was rejected and directed to further the cause of writers. He also had his own fair share of critics but he drew great inspiration from his obsession with the necessity to eradicate social injustices and he devoted a great amount of his life to this noble cause.


A brief trawl of some of Shaw’s historic writings include the following:

- Caesar And Cleopatra 3Candida 3The Man Of Destiny 3John Bull’s Other Island

- Press Cuttings 3Getting Married 3The Dark Lady Of The Sonnets 3The Philanderer

- Widower’s Houses 3You Never Can Tell

- How He Lied To Her Husband

- The Doctor’s Dilemna 3Fanny’s First Play

- The Great Catherine 3O’Flaherty

- Too True To Be Good


Shaw was born at Synge Srteet, Dublin in 1856 and married Charlotte Payne - Townsend in 1898. The family consisted of his parents, George and Lucinda and two sisters and music ran sweetly in the family home. Educated at various Dublin schools, George did not take kindly to teachers and schools

and often said they were just babysitting houses for parents.

He also rejected corporal retribution in schools.


The famous Irish writer struggled with his early works until 1885, aged twenty nine. In the 1890's his plays began to take root and his rise to prominence was swift and greatly rewarded. He was also a well known critic of the arts for various publications and not even the great Shakespeare was exempted from his pen.


His life was shortened when he fell whilst shearing a tree in his garden and the injuries finally resulted in his death in 1950, aged ninety four.

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