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Patricia Lynch (Cork): Irish Heritage Hall of Fame Inductee

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Patricia Lynch - Children's Book Author Patricia Lynch - Children's Book Author

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Patricia Lynch - Autor Of Children's Books World Renowned

The name of Patricia Lynch features prominently in the Cork Hall Of Fame for native writers who gained international recognition as an author of renown.


Patricia’s genius was directed to mainly composing childrens books and amongst her principal works are the following:


‘Turf Cutters Children’ ;‘Turf Cutters Donkey’ ; ‘Mad O’Hara’ ;‘The Grey Goose Of Kilnevin’ ; ‘Brogeen Book’ ;

‘The Bookshop On The Quay’.


The Cork author’s credentials were recognised with various awards including the Tailteann Silver Literature medal won in 1932.


In 1965 a collection of her best selling works were put on display in Munich, Germany, where an exhibition took place to showcase her books worldwide.

In 1967 she was enrolled into the Irish Academy of Letters Hall of Fame.


Patricia Lynch lived around the Parkgarriffe area of Monstown, Co. Cork, for many years, an area noted for its serenity and hilly rural lands that look out over world renowned Cork harbour.


During the historic 1916 Easter Rising a teenage eighteen year old Patricia was observed interviewing people on O’Connell Street, Dublin, during and after the raging battles. These records and stories are now under lock and key at the Irish National Library as part of Ireland’s heritage.


In her younger years she travelled the world extensively in search of adventure and inspiration for her writings. However Patricia discovered her greatest motivations for writing for children were on her own Irish doorstep.

The majority of her books were translated into German, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish and Braille. Many books were also rewritten in the Irish language.


Patricia Lynch died in 1972 aged seventy four years.

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