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James Galway (Antrim):Irish Heritage Hall of Fame Inductee

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James Galway - Virtuoso Flute Player & A Native Of Belfast

Born  on 8th December 1937, and a native of Belfast, Co. Antrim, James Galway is a world renowned Irish virtuoso flute player and is acclaimed as “The Man With The Golden Trumpet”. James is one of the first flute players to establish a solo career on the internatiuonal music circuit and he is now a celebrated musical performer throughout the world.


The Belfast native travelled to London in his teenage years to study at The Royal College Of Music and he later went to Paris to further promote his career. On completion of his musical studies he played on a number of orchestras including Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra 1969/75; London Symphony Orchestra and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Playing as Principle Flute Player with The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, a disagreement with management was responsible for James setting up his solo career. The diversification of his music incorporated contemporeary compositions and also recording an album with famous Irish band The Chieftains in 1987.


With an expertise in classical music, this became a hallmark for James Galway and many famous artists such as Liza Minnelli and B.B. King went centre stage with the Belfast muician whilst Pink Floyds Song ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’ and ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ were also muisically inspired by the Irish flute player.


In June 2008 James Galway was inducted into The Hollywood Bowl Hall Of Fame along with Liza Minnelli and B.B. King and previous to that accolade, James formed, in partneship with Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Music Education Consortium.


Further recognition included in 1997 an appointment as Officer Of The British Empire (OBE) and in 2001 he received a Kinghthood to become the first wind player ever knighted.

Further honours included National Patron Of Delta Omicron – international music professor of the music fraternity.

The world renowned flautis has suffered from a rare eye condition since childhood called 'Nystagmus' which is an involuntary movement of the eye and could result in reduced or limited vision commonly referred to as 'Dancing Eyes'. 


Before performing his concerts James is reputed to go into prayer to remind him waht he should bve doing on stage and behaving in an impeccable manner.


James Galway is a notable Famous Son Of Ireland in the international world of music and is a worthy incorporation in our Famous Sons & Daughters Of Ireland Gallery.

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