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Trudi Lawlor (Laois): Irish Heritage Hall of Fame Inductee

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Trudi Lalor Of Laois Incorporated In All Ireland Hall Of Fame As Famous Country 'N' Western Singer

Trudi Lalor has been around on the country music scene for a few decades and in 2017 Trudi is still hitting the highways of Ireland and abroad bringing her golden voice to legions of fans.

Her native town is Mountrath, deep in the heart of the Irish midlands in Co. Laois, a town that suffered hugely with traffic congestion until the new motorway, Limerick/Dublin, bypassed Mountrath. One of eleven children, the Laois singer was educated locally and music was a calling that was blessed with a wonderful voice and through all her adult life, it was the marketing tool that made her known throughout the land and also in foreign lands.


Singers are born and Trudi was born to be a singer and she is also a great entertainer. My early recollection of Trudi was around 1985 and the venue was Glenamaddy, Co. Galway, and my teenage daughters had me on red alert that Trudi was coming to town. It was a time when the ballroom era was all but dismissed by the new generation of dancers and discos were the in-thing.

To keep on rocking and rolling for over 30 years, Trudi certainly required that extra XFactor. Keeping her name alive and to the forefront of Irish country music, required great stamina but the No.1 requirement was talent and Trudi Lalor had an abundance of that special ingredient.

Music speaks all languages but only the really good artists can spread their wings outside their homeland. Making it to the capital city of Country Music at Nashville, U.S.A. in the mid 1990’s, is reserved for the really outstanding singers and her mentor, the legendary Charlie McCoy, greeted Trudi at Nashville.

McCoy, now 76 in 2017, is the master of the harmonica instrument but he also has great skills on other instruments. The American artist shared many stages with Elvis, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and many more. In welcoming Trudi under his radar, this was magnificent recognition of the Co. Laois singer.

For Trudi it all began performing in school musicals, various talent contests and singing at church weddings. Progressing from local performances to bigger stages is a Beechers Brook that can faze great singers who may lack amibition, determination and belief in their own ability.

A 4 track EP “Money Talks” was Trudi’s maiden voyage to a professional singing career and this song proved popular with radio DJ’s around Ireland who aired the song quite frequently giving Trudi Lalor scope to advance her showbiz career.

One persons misfortune is often another persons good fortune and when the iconic Bansha, Co. Tipperary, singer, Louise Morrissey, had to take time out from her professional engagements, into the breach stepped Trudi Lalor for a six month stretch as Louise recuperated from a serious car accident.

Trudi was in at the deep end and though now performing at major Irish and U.K. dance venues, it was an opportunity to reach out to a whole new national and international audience. She conquered, she fulfilled and splendidly entertained as the front singer with Louise’s band and established her own personal reputation as a top class entertainer.

On the return of Louise to her own band, Trudi had to confront decision time for her own career. Taking her own music show on the road, and releasing a new album, promoters and music hall venues had a new act and that major decision by Trudi has been vindicated many times over.

The Laois singer built up over the last twenty years a national and international core of loyal fans that includes Canada, Denmark, America and the United Kingdom, whilst in Ireland the name Trudi Lalor is immediately recognisable to people of all ages interested in country music.

National recognition is our No.1 criteria of consideration when we go searching for new incorporations in our All Ireland Hall Of Fame collection of Famous Irish Singers/Entertainers.

Listening to a collection of Trudi Lalor songs in recent times on her website, the famous Laois singer sits comfortably alongside other Irish music legends already incorporated in our Irish Heritage Hall Of Fame.

Great singers need great songs and Trudi doesn’t have to step outside her own door for inspiration. Her husband and manager, is Billy Morrissey of the Bansha Morrissey musical clan and Billy is credited with composing a number of original numbers and “Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere” is a magic song that showcases the wonderful talents of the duo.

Over the years Trudi has recorded several top selling albums and her multi talented voice has enabled her take on many big ballads, country and Irish and of course her fans are also entertained with melodies of songs of times past that are everlasting hits.

Awards have included “Female Vocalist Of the Year”; “Female Entertainer Of the Year”; “Performance Of The Year”  “Album Of The Year” and the accolades combine to certify that Trudi Lalor is and has been one of Ireland’s greatest female artists.

Songs we identify with Trudi include, ‘Lovely Laois’; ‘Far Away A Light Is Burning’’; ‘Thank You’; Old Friends Are Best’; Sunshine Of Your Smile’; ‘Everybody’s Looking For Love’; ‘The Rose Of Mooncoin’;  and that really special tune ’Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere’.

Many famous artists have also dueted with other well known artists and Trudi has also teamed up with Patrick O’Sullivan. However the duet with her senior citizen mum, Philomena Lalor, on ‘Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere’ is a real XFactor hit and can be viewed on the Trudi Lalor website.

When artists release new material the composers are key to the success of any song and with husband Billy by her side, matching the voice to the song is an essential. Billy has the capacity to produce original materials and a very popular recent number is ‘These Are the Good Old Days’ sung majestically by Trudi and hugely popular with fans.

Songs with true to life sincerity and meaning give artists their own special identity and the Lalor/Morrissey music dynasty has, Le Cúnaimh Dé , many more magical hits fermenting.

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