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NOT for PROFIT VOLUNTEER FOUNDATION:  2006 - 2023 Re-Launch 

In July 2006 two former Passage West, Co. Cork, Ireland,1950's classmates, Derry JF Doody and Tony Leahy,R.I.P. linked up to pioneer a Not for Profit Community Hall of Fame website enabled by volunteer writers and production personnel. The focus was the Online honouring of Irish legends of SportsLife, MusicLife and HeritageLife, with special emphasis on Ireland's Uncelebrated heroes who were worthy of greater Recognition/Appreciation.Poshumous Hall of Fame Tributes also featured in many instances. All production volunteers involved were lifetime Sports, Music and HeritageLife enthusiasts over many decades.

Prior to 2006 www.ScoreBoardMemories.com was previously honouring on 'exclusively special occasions' a unique Collection of former G.A.A. players and Town/Village Community Volunteers for their outstanding Sports and Community services over many years.

Meantime the requirement of an Online Hall Of Fame facility to provide greater local, national and global recognition for inductees honoured was a major missing link. The enrolment of Tony in 2006 as a managerial production volunteer enabled the foundation of Not for Profit Volunteer projects i.e. "All Ireland SportsLife; HeritageLife and MusicLife Online Galleries under the domain of  www.ScoreBoardMemories.com.

May 2020 Passing of Co-Founder Tony: 

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During the worldwide devastation of Covid in the fall of 2019, www.ScoreBoardMemories.com also suffered the devastating news on Friday 22nd May 2020, that co-founder Tony at 74, decided to end his own life. Also in May 2020 a staunch music and events colleague of our group and a famous Cork G.A.A. supporter, Tim (Jonty) O'Leary, also passed away from a cancer illness.The entire volunteer led project went in to great mourning for our colleagues, Tony and Jonty, and in July 2022, a further great loss to the group occured with the death of volunteer, Frank Murphy, native of Rochestown and resident of Blackrock. Frank's wife, Marie, was also an outstanding volunteer colleague on presentation events.

Health is wealth again intervened throughout 2022 as Derry and his wife, Eileen, fought a long and arduous health battle and in late 2022, Derry made the difficult decision to relaunch and also commemorate Tony, Jonty and Frank, (all R.I.P.) memory by rebuilding Not for Profit www.ScoreBoardMemories.com Cork, Ireland, through the Google and Facebook global facilities.

It was also decided to instigate a 2023 Special Cork Volunteer Award to commemorate former colleagues, Tony, Frank and Jonty in conjuction with the launch of our Facebook new project - Cork Online Hall Of Fame Award.

With Cork as the founding homeplace, the new Volunteer award will be inscribed as "Tony; Jonty & Frank Award" focusing on all Cork Community Volunteers worthy of consideration.

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All Ireland Hall Of Fame is an Exclusive "Special Collection" of Hall of Fame inductees chosen by www.ScoreBoardMemories.com and consists of people and places submitted by nomination. Only former players in retirement are eligible for consideration.  

Our Online Tributes/Commendations/Commemorations are written and produced by Volunteer Writers since our 2006 founding by Derry JF Doody and the late Tony Leahy. Hosting is by www.ScoreBoardMemories.org as a Non Profit Hall of Fame Irish Heritage project for Irish, ancestral Irish and exiled people. 

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www.ScoreBoardMemories.org also hosts a range of Non Profit sister Hall Of Fame  projects incorporating...All Ireland MusicLife Hall of Fame.org; All Ireland HeritageLife Hall of Fame.org; Town & Village Hall of Fame; Irish Exiles & Ancestors Hall of Fame & Cork Internet Hall Of Fame.org  Volunteer Writers/Contributors are always welcome.

A Cork music band known all over Ireland on Cork match days for several decades, is Cork's Rebel Band consisting of Tom "The Bomber" Roche; Pa "The Piper" Hurley; Cyril "The Bird" Kavanagh and the late Tim "Jonty" O'Leary, whilst many more friends of the Rebel Band are also frequent participants. The womenfolk associated with the band members have always played a key role supporting their menfolk.

We look forward to continuing our All Ireland Hall Of Fame projects till the man above calls 'time up'.

Kind Regards to all our friends and supporters. 

Derry JF Doody..2006 Volunteer Promoter & Founder of www.ScoreBoardMemories.com Cork, Ireland

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We Honour a Unique Collection of Irish People; Historic Places & Businesses; MusicLife Performers; Former SportsLife Players/Athletes. A key component is the incorporation and induction of our Irish Forebears of Distinction in SportsLife; HeritageLife; MusicLife and our  Unique Global Exiles & Irish Ancestors of Distinction

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NOMINATIONS: Sport & Music to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

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