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FRANCIS McEVENEY (Cork): All Ireland SportsLife Hall Of Fame Inductee

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Pictorial Memorabilia Souvenir & Presentation to Francis by Derry JF Doody at Passage West GAA Clubhouse Pictorial Memorabilia Souvenir & Presentation to Francis by Derry JF Doody at Passage West GAA Clubhouse

Passage West, Co. Cork, G.A.A. Ladies Football Blitz

2008 Founder….. FRANCIS McEveney, Club Member

September 2019 Presentation… All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery


Club; County, Provincial & National RECOGNITION & APPRECIATION

Venue: Billy Cotter Pavilion @ Manning Park, Passage West, Co. Cork, G.A.A. Clubhouse

Presentation Date: Saturday 7th September 2019


Passage West G.A.A. Ladies Football Blitz, Co. Cork, began in the Autumn of 2008 as a tiny acorn and now eleven years later in 2019, the concept of Hollymount, Co. Mayo native, FRANCIS McEVENEY, has become a huge oak tree with branches spreading out to ladies football clubs around the four corners of Ireland.

The Passage West originator, of the now hugely popular blitz, took up residence in the sea shore town of Passage West, about twenty five years ago and the national Club & County outstanding success of Francis's concept, is the motivating factor for the All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery Induction of the Mayo sports pioneer as an All Ireland Champion Sports Volunteer.

The town of Passage West, Co. Cork, has never in its entire history, come to the attention of people all over Ireland so prominently, as it does in the build up and on the day of the Annual Blitz. The popularity of this major event has exceeded all expectations by the founder and this is simply because, Francis McEveney, as the No.1 organiser, has so successfully sold, both himself and his concept, to club officials in the four corners of Ireland.

On Saturday 7th September 2019... 133 ladies gaelic football teams and team officials came to Manning Park, the G.A.A. Home of the Passage West club. The total attendance at the famed venue was in the region of 5,000 people supporting all the teams and enjoying a unique sporting occasion.

The group of competing athletes catered for by Francis is Under 8 and 10 and there’s a story behind the reasoning. In 2008 Francis was keen to ensure his three daughters played Ladies Gaelic Football and with his entrepreneurial mindset in full flow, he set up a mini blitz inviting a select few nearby teams to consider coming to Manning Park and participating in an under 8 and 10 football blitz. And as history now recalls, from 2008 to 2019, the appeal and profile of the Passage West G.A.A. Ladies Football Blitz, is highly commended at local, county, provincial and national LGFA units.

As a Passage West native and founder of the All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery in 2006, I was aware for several years of the outstanding achievements of Francis McEveney, and the immense popularity and importance of his concept to promote sport as a better way of life for children, especially children between the ages of 8 and 10 and also at all age groups from children to adulthood.

Sports participation is an immense tool of Irish life and Francis McEveney’s original concept could not have foreseen the immense valuation that Francis has so successfully built up to 2019 and many have stated, the best is yet to come from Francis.

My decision to induct Francis McEveney as an All Ireland Champion Sports Volunteer, began in late June 2019, when I contacted Francis and later visited him at his Passage home. Modesty was extremely visible on Francis when I announced my intention to honour his concept with an Online Hall Of Fame Induction, to sit permanently 365, side by side with the profile of another outstanding Passage West Champion Volunteer, Ned Harrington, who was inducted in October 2011.

G.A.A. legends can be found all over Ireland, Juliet Murphy, Mary O’Connor, Mikey Sheehy, DJ Carey and 100 more Irish sports legends are all incorporated in our ongoing inductions of former players.

Gaels such as Francis McEveney, mould young children to emulate the stars honoured in our Online Gallery. Playing sport is not all about medals and trophies, but directing children into sport, especially G.A.A. is now in recent years, reserved and dependant on people such as Francis McEveney.

No government minister could accomplish such sporting unity, exceptional performance levels and unity of purpose within communities, and I highly commend to our Sports Minister, to seek out Francis McEveney of Passage West, as a prime example of ONE PERSON leading by act rather than vote enticing promises.

I appeal to our Minister to immediately consider appropriate funding and sponsorship for the upcoming 2020 Passage West Blitz, which motivates children, parents and team mentors all over Ireland, to make their annual September visit to a small rural Co. Cork town, a town sadly without a base of commercial or industrial business structures implemented for many decades for the better welfare of its citizens.

To-night on 7th September 2019, we hereby induct Passage West G.A.A. club official, founder of the Passage West G.A.A. Ladies Football Blitz, and also current club vice chairman, Mr. Francis McEveney, native of Hollymount, Co. Mayo, to the All Ireland Hall Of Fame Online Gallery, as an All Ireland Champion Sports Volunteer.

To Francis, and especially his wife Elaine and family, we believe this award signifies greater RECOGNITION & APPRECIATION to Francis from all Irish communities involved in the ongoing promotion of Ladies Gaelic Football at all grades.

Yours In Sport,

Derry JF Doody


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