Many Irish Associations and Foundations were founded for the benefit of Irish citizens to provide important assistance, guidance and friendship in difficult times.

Recognising the good work administered over several decades is worthy of recognition and promotion.

Associations and Foundations are very often the sole voices of Irish citizens and one of Ireland’s most prominent associations is the St. Vincent De Paul Society with branches and volunteers all over Ireland. is an Irish Heritage Hall Fame designated to promoting and preserving golden memories of times past and current in Ireland.

Monday, 18 June 2018 03:38

Ireland's Fairs

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Ballycastle's Ould Lammas Fair   Originating in the 17th century this event occurred at Dunanyie Head, now known as Castle Point where Silver Cliffs Holiday Park is situated. Some say that the fair started out as a sheep market, others say that it originated when Sorley Boy McDonnell ordered a…